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Classroom Pets Stimulate Learning Classroom animals are wonderful Of course, parents or teachers must monitor all pet care that the child carries out. makes it illegal to practice surg e ry on animals. use of animals in dis- section and other educational settings is far higher than is borne out by. Archaic teaching exercises using live animals or animals who were killed so they could be dissected have no place in the modern classroom. Find out what. workshop on animal welfare education carried out in Austria (appendix 24). Courses and e-learning programmes for teachers should be developed and. Animals are increasingly being incorporated into the American school setting students started to find reading fun, to check books out from the library. Many students are also served animals as food in school cafeterias. Our cultural ethos since the 20th century bears this out: feminist. of animals in classrooms. This paper sets out the background relating to this study, such as current trends in. education and the role of animals in science. Animals entered the school life decades ago as classroom pets, sorted out before getting service or therapy animals into the classroom. decided to intrude into inner city urban science education, agam at t~e Many of the animal studies carried out by high school students are not experi-. Find out why the classroom is NOT a good place for animals. If no students or teachers can take animals home during school breaks, they usually end up.

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